Contractor Bookkeeping Services

At Logic Accounts, we specialise in providing comprehensive bookkeeping services specifically designed for contractors. Our expert team understands the unique challenges faced by contractors in managing subcontractor transactions and complying with Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) regulations. We offer streamlined bookkeeping solutions to simplify your financial management processes.


   – We handle the preparation and submission of monthly CIS returns on your behalf.

   – Our team ensures compliance with CIS regulations, accurately calculating and reporting the necessary deductions.

   – We generate and provide monthly statements to your subcontractors, detailing the transactions and deductions related to their work.

   – Our statements are clear, transparent, and compliant, ensuring proper communication with subcontractors regarding their payments.

   – We assist in preparing and filing CITB Levy returns as required by the Construction Industry Training Board.

   – Our team ensures accurate reporting and compliance with CITB regulations, saving you time and effort in fulfilling your obligations.

Partner with Logic Accounts for efficient contractor bookkeeping services that ensure compliance with CIS regulations and seamless management of subcontractor transactions. Let us handle the financial details while you focus on your contracting business.

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